CloudForest Documentation

This is the CloudForest documentation, covering usage as well as the specifics of our code and installation.

For a high-level portrait of CloudForest, see our overview instead.

Usage: This section discusses how to use the CloudForest platform, from the users’ perspective. We cover topics such as: using the dashboard; making requests; connecting to instances; starting, stopping, and deleting instances; and adding/removing users from groups.

Instances: This section introduces CloudForest “instances”, as a user sees them. We discuss how to connect to instances, what the OS and system look like, how instances get set up, and what security features are in place.

Frontend: This section contains a technical discussion of the CloudForest frontend covering the repository structure, the dashboard app, the requests form, and technical documentation derived from jsDocs3.

Amazon Web Services: This section covers the services within AWS we use to support CloudForest, what specific functionality they provide, and how we setup/configure each service.

Backend: This section describes and documents CloudForest’s (primary) backend server, cfserver. We discuss how it works, how it is installed and can be configured, and include our technical documentation as derived from jsDocs3 in the code itself.

Routes: This section describes how to use the cfserver API, in addition to the proper documentation as generated by apiDocs.

Database: This section covers the CloudForest database including the service we use and the collections that serve the critical data that make the platform function and be auditable.

Monitoring: In this section we discuss how we monitor CloudForest instances; that is, how we collect, store, and analyze data on each instance’s CPU, memory, I/O performance and more.

Security: This section reviews security features of the CloudForest platform.

Contributing: This section discusses how to contribute to this site or CloudForest itself.