Contributing > Overview

This section discusses how to contribute to this site or CloudForest itself.

The Basics

First, you should review our section on markdown and our review of the build process. The former covers our conventions for writing pages here, the latter covers how we work with jekyll and bitbucket pipelines to actually build this site. Both are probably important prerequisites.


After that, you can learn how to contribute posts to the CloudForest “blog” about your work aty our post documentation. This is an good way to get the word out about your work or your workflow.


You can also contribute to the documentation too. See our documentation section here for instructions about that. This is appropriate for editing and additions to existing sections of the documentation, but a bit harder for entirely new sections. We’re happy to work with you though!

Contributing to CloudForest Itself

Finally, CloudForest is an open source platform. We welcome contributions to the underlying front-end and backend software. See the CloudForest section for details.