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These instructions presume you have setup the build environment.

Contributing a Post

To contribute a post, first create your own branch of master

$ git checkout -b my-new-post-branch master

and then create a dated file in the /_posts folder such as

$ echo "" > _posts/

This will automatically turn into a post when jekyll builds the site.

Your file _posts/ should start with front matter like

layout: wide
title: My New Post
subtitle: For documentation
excerpt_separator: <!--more-->
alttxt: This is some text to show in case the image doesn't load

The title and subtitle will get rendered something like the following:

excerpt_separator defines where the summary will end, and thumb declares a thumbnail image for use on the blog main page:

Other than that, you can write whatever markdown/html you want (preferrably subject to our conventions).

You can see your changes locally by running

$ bundle exec jekyll serve

and visiting localhost:4000. When you are happy with those changes, you can push your changes to the remote cfsite repository with

$ git push -u origin my-new-post-branch

you need to create a pull request for your branch to master.

To create this pull request, follow instructions here.

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