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Serverless Computing, "Interactive Analytics", and Online Experiments

06 May 2019   |   W. Ross Morrow

The DARC team sees a variety of online experimental work – Qualtrics surveys and other instruments – that require “interactive analytics.” For example, a research team wants to run a Qualtrics survey in which participants first answer one block of questions, and then get a second block of questions depending on the answers to the first. But determining what second block of questions depends on running a pre-trained python machine learning model which can’t (or can’t easily) be embedded as javascript in Qualtrics.

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CloudForest, An Overview

25 April 2019   |   W. Ross Morrow, Alex Storer

GSB faculty, their research staff, and collaborators use a lot of computing power, often in excess of what is available in our dedicated, on-premise interactive and batch computing environments. Occasionally research might be improved using hardware accelerators, such as GPUs or FPGAs, that aren’t readily available on campus to GSB researchers. Here we provide an overview of CloudForest, an on-demand cloud computing solution built at Stanford GSB.

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